Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Maude on guard!

Maud is now keeping an eye on who might be coming up the driveway. I don't think she'd really toss that rock but then again, I'm not entirely sure what she's drinking from that Margarita glass. Kinda wish she'd get off her lazy duff and rake the leaves or at least water the thirsty plant life. No rain and a pretty good breeze this past week have dried things out quite a bit. Good thing the temperatures have been cool. People who have real jobs and no automatic sprinklers are often watering in the dark this time of the year. Fall rains will be welcome, even if I loathe the shortness of daylight. Fall? Bah! Humbug! Posted by Picasa


Leslie said...

I agree...bah, humbug! I guess we can be happy we're not dealing with the freezes of the midwest. However I'm starting to think a little rain would help the end of summer I'm-tired-of-watering affliction that has developed.

sewobsessed said...

Maude is rather intimidating. I'd think twice about coming to borrow a cup of sugar, I think. lol.