Sunday, September 24, 2006

Happy, Happy, Joy! Joy!

Mel Brooks must have picked up my life script again because today I got a call from the security dept at the local large mall, stating that they had my wallet! I drove the 7 miles over there in a very skeptic (skeptical?) frame of mind....but there it was! My missing wallet. Containing all my missing credit cards, driver's license, notes, cards, frequent shopper cards, and my LIBRARY CARD! No cash of course but there was less than $20.00 in there when they took it. All the checks are there. Why the thieves scribbled on two of the checks is beyond me. Doesn't matter since that account is closed. Nice to have the check register so that I can see which checks did NOT clear before the acct was closed. I'll have some explaining to do for 6 of them. It could have been much worse. As for the thieves, I hope that their lives/circumstances improve so that they don't have to steal to survive. They can't be all bad; they did make it possible for me to regain my stuff. Perhaps the little silver "lucky frog" that lived in my coin purse will bring them good luck. Posted by Picasa

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C.C. said...

So glad to read this. I've been trying to find the little "curse" my aunt used to carry around in her wallet, so I could share it with you. But as ususal, I'm not finding it. I'm glad to hear that it was only a minor inconvenience.