Monday, May 29, 2006

Good thing that I'm a t-shirt/tank top kind of gal because I'd be popping the buttons off my shirts if they had any. Seems that both my son (38) and daughter (29) are becoming avid gardeners! The boy-child is doing wonderful things to the yard that he and his lovely wife share near Portland, OR and the girl-child is almost an official Master Gardener in Bend, OR. Their maternal grandparents would be delighted too.
Meanwhile, their plant-a-holic, pot-head (as in objects to plant in, not things to ingest) mother is way behind in the mowing/weeding/pruning departments but scored a great planter in the form of a roof vent today. You know those twirly thingies that perch on roofs to vent attics? Well, on page 73 of the summer 2006 edition of "container plants" (publisher of FINE GARDENING), is a roof vent filled with moss and potting soil and a plethora of plants. Too cute! I also scored 13 glass insulators, 9 of which are blue. (its the week that we get to put "big" garbage out by the street for free pick up) You can't imagine the treasures one can find!

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