Wednesday, February 01, 2012

last day of January

Hopefully this ladybug will manage to hide from the hungry hens!
Had an olive tree decide to self prune on sunday. It scored a direct hit on one of my bird-feeder set-ups. Only one feeder broken, two slightly askew, one totally smashed weather dome and a broken pole, which later put a hole in the palm of my hand. Mess is all cleaned up now and a new pole is offering two feeders to the hungry birds. My greens cans are FULL of bite-sized olive branches and there's some future firewood for anyone who will haul it away. Guess I'd better start saving my money for another full day of tree pruning! (Olive trees should never get to be 40' tall anyway!)
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Cheryl said...

Forgot to mention that the limb also destroyed the squirrel feeder box which had been attached to the tree.

Bill said...

Ouch! Offering an olive branch is suppose to be peaceful not explosive.