Thursday, December 08, 2011

Jack Frost's handiwork;before & after

The past three nights (or early mornings) have been in the low 30°s so the plant people are not looking so pretty good. Only half of the Brugmansia is frost damaged...

My favorite coleus! Fortunately, I have started many babies from this plant so it will begin anew come spring.

The Persian Shield went from glorious purple to black. In this case, black is not beautiful.

The baby banana didn't fare too well either. However its cousin, in the planter next to the house is just fine thank-you-very-much. Now we just need a couple of months of rain, followed by SPRING in March.
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Bill said...

What! No snow drifts, ice storms, 70mph wind w/rain, sub-zero chill factor?

Where are your challenges?

weeder1 said...

Been there, done that Bill. :>) That's why I'm back in Sacramento.
Challenges? Well there was the stapler that refused to work today, the ladder I nearly fell off of twice, the truck load of leaves that had to be raked out of the drainage ditch,.. you know, just the every day stuff. LOL

Bill said...

I often wish I could return to the Sacramento area .... Especially this time of year. From afar California seems too expensive and overly crowded ... not that we don't have a lot of people here in the Seattle area.

Maybe let someone else climb that ladder?

weeder1 said...

If my roots weren't so dang deep here I'd be back in the PNW faster than you can say "Portland". I left here in 66 partly because it was too crowded THEN. You can only imagine what it is like now. Gah!