Sunday, September 25, 2011

Water hibiscus

YAY! Finally! The parent plant was dessert for Doereen the doe a few years back and this one has been struggling all belonely by itself in a pot ever since. This summer I stuck its pot in a big tub of water and that made it happy enough to bloom. There are lots more buds as well. (I was jealous of Phil's (Eastsidepatch) blooming in Austin months ago.)
Tomorrow my bank account will suffer a reduction but so will some of the over-grown 100 year old olive trees. Major reductions are in store.. this also means that the new shade garden will be in full sun after tomorrow. But hey, we never want to run out of projects do we! It will be Heavenly not to have tons of olive leaves and olives on the patio.. and a big relief not to have several tons of wood hanging over the studio and one of the little tin sheds. They will also obliterate the three big brush piles (yay, chips for the pathways!) and hopefully clean up the palm tree. Time to do a Happy Dance and go to bed.
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