Thursday, June 16, 2011

peafowl and Brugmansias

a few years back a peahen flew in and honked at us. She ended up staying for a year, maybe two, at which time I gave her to a fellow who had a peacock but no peahen. Missed her. She once raised a Bantum chick. It was the cutest thing; little feathered golfball following the enormous peahen. She was such a good mother. anyhow, this evening I heard a loud HONK and then this peafowl flew from the ground to about 30' up in a Sycamore tree, a good 100' from take off. I had no idea they could fly that well. Hope it stays! I think its another hen.

This is ther Brugie my brother bought for me last year. It is absolutely loaded with buds and flowers which smell divine.

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