Monday, June 07, 2010


Verna picks odd spots for dust baths. doubt she sees the irony of bathing in an old Webber..

Jimmy B and the girls like to group bathe in the dust. Here they are in the little kitchen garden. Looks like someone attacked the basil. They also like to bathe behind the Schefflera, next to the brick wall. They've practically dug up the plants. Must fix that! This evening my nose allerted me to something deceased as I walked down my driveway.. upon investigation it became apparent that they had "bathed" over the spot where the recent slain rodents were buried. Note to self; DIG THE GRAVES DEEPER! They had unearthed two rats and a mole. ewwwwwwww!
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lisa Paul said...

If you had terriers, they would take care of any rodent dead bodies. By carrying them around until they were really disgusting and then dropping them on your bed. Of course, terriers might also try to take care of your "chicken problem", as well. Won't stop us from eventually experimenting with the terrier-chicken combination.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, I thought your terriers had only killed squeeky toys! Have they progressed? LOL

weeder1 said...

why did this silly thing decide that I am anon? Sheesh!