Monday, January 18, 2010






My one reader asks "Where's the moss?" Well, here's the moss my boy. Moss on the ground. Moss on some driftwood. Moss on an olive tree. Moss on a Sycamore. Granted, it isn't SEATTLE moss but then, this isn't Seattle! LOL
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Bill Stankus said...

Whew! For a moment I was worried ... busy people usually ignore or get rid of the moss. ;>)

weeder1 said...

I love moss. I wouldn't get rid of it. In fact, just this morning I dug up a 5" circle of it, plunked it into a straight-sided glass vase, added a tiny cyclamen, a chunk of rock and a little Buddha & proclaimed it a terrarium.

weeder1 said...

The chunk of rock is actually porphry/feldspar.