Monday, September 07, 2009

Trying to relax my way out of pretzelhood




Yesterday I finally remembered to stop at OSH to replace the chuck key that vanished during the Great Re-organization of the Studio. Of COURSE there was a beautiful big blue pot on sale for $19.99 at the door...a pot which is now on the "new" patio and aptly named "Chuck"...because I am a foolish potaholic.. As I was leaving OSH I bent down to pick up something "ohhh! Pretty! Sparkly!" and my back went "out". My posture is currently less than perfect and I'd do almost anything for some Valium. In the meantime, 600 mg of Ibuprofen seems to have helped. My liver is probably not impressed. But I digress! At 4:00 this morning I suddenly "saw" the missing chuck key in the zip up pouch with all the drill bits. Wouldn't you think that would be a nice, comforting thought on which I could go back to sleep? Noooooooo. My mind wouldn't let go of it. So as soon as it was light enough to find my way out to the studio without tripping over wildlife or the bogeyman, I went in search of The Pouch. And lo and behold, one nice little chuck key, resting safely inside. Still, I'll keep the new one just in case.
Another cool day in store and I can barely stand. I have so much to do!! Will attempt to haul a full laundry basket of damp clothing out to the clothesline in a moment..maybe if I go slow... Should just curl up and finish "Julie and Julia" but being flat on my back is almost as uncomfortable as standing. Grrrrrrr!No! OM! OM Om Om OM OM OM OM.....
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