Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Misc. May photos

Mom. this garden angel looks so much like our late mother! She's been hanging arouond on the rusty bucket full of campanulas for many years now. she keeps an eye on things. the saucer magnolia was not happy in all the shade but the final blow was last summer's drought. So this spring it became a shrine unto itself.

ok. I give up. every time I try to put the correct caption with the correct photo the caption either dissappears, or the photo dissappears/ Or the words remain with the wrong photo.

the next photo should be the clematis with the morning sun shining through and that should be followed by the new saucer Magnolia Shrine-unto-its-Dead-Self.

Please forgive me for I have no 5 year old child in the house to explain how computer programs work.

The orchid cactus really took off this year. It appears to need fertilizer. Why can I never remember to feed it?
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