Friday, April 24, 2009

Lupinus sericatus

My entry for 's photo contest is this Lupinus sericatus growing in my Not-So-Secret-Garden in Carmichael, California. this is an area approximately 25' x 75' which has recently been planted with many types of Cal. Native, drought tolerant, DEER RESISTANT (so far!) plants. At the moment, this lupin is my favorite.
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Bill Stankus said...

We tried lupins - and they looked great until the aphid invasion - so out they went. We were told lupins are aphid magnets.

weeder1 said...

The aphids are having way too much fun on the roses at the moment. I have been seeing more and more lady bugs and their larva as well as snakeflies so hopefully they will grow fat on the aphid crop. When I see no natural predators I either wipe the critters off with my fingers or hose them off with the Bug Blaster. Jeeze, if I got rid of everything that aphids liked I'd have no plants at all!

Saxon Holt said...

Well the contest is done and results posted over at GGW early next week. Thanks for your entry and I am giving each photo bit of constructive criticism.
I love this lupin with the grayish leaves. For a contest the composition needs to be stronger, use the whole frame and edit out the drip line.

Randy Emmitt said...

Beautiful plant, I enjoy lupines too. I'm sure if you might have had a field of these you would have won the contest.