Sunday, May 18, 2008

I Know. I KNOW!

I'm not supposed to be buying more plants right now but I just couldn't resist this Ligularia tussilaginea 'Gigantea' (aka; Farfugium japonicum). For one thing I had a 20% off coupon. For another this seemed like a macho version of the delicate water Lotus "Nelumbo nucefera", not to mention much cheaper and much less demanding of water. Besides, its cute. And it can go to Oregon should the fates happen to tilt in that direction. (ie; is the buyer gonna cough up the money in less than three weeks...or not? Last we heard he wanted a several thousand dollar discount.. I don't bloody think so! Its not our fault he has drug this thing out for over a year. Not our fault that the market has tanked. I don't HAVE to move to Oregon, I just would like to. ) Enough about that.
Its hot here. Depending on which report one reads or which thermometer one looks at, it is 97°. or 98°. Or 95°. All I know is that its awfully friggin' early for July temperatures. Phoebe and I have been standing side by side in the doggie wading pool a lot today. The rooster just cools off with dust baths.
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EAL said...

Ligularias. I was very excited about them, once. But they were such slug magnets in my garden. I am sure you will do better.

weeder1 said...

Thanks for reinforcing that slug-issue part...I will keep a duck's eye out for them. So far they haven't discovered the new plant! ;>)