Monday, April 07, 2008

chicken talk

All the recent posts about keeping chickens made me post The Rooster. He was hatched here years ago but then escaped one fine day and moved in with some neighbors down the road. Last spring, Peabody-the-peahen went to that same neighbor's in search of a peacock but didn't find one. Instead, she brought this fellow home. Then I found Peabody a home with a peacock so she left...and the rooster is still here. Luckily, my neighbors don't mind him at all. (I ask often) My last few "Banty" hens became dinner for the raccoons. I haven't wanted new chickens only because of my possibly impending move. Will have to find a new home for this old rooster if I DO move. SOME day I do want a couple of hens again. Besides providing eggs, they are the BEST snail eradicators ever.
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john guglielmelli said...

chickens will someday rule the world. you are mocking this fact with the introduction of the misogynistic rooster; you will pay dearly for this.


weeder1 said...

Oh John, he's not misogynic at all! He would LOVE to have a hen or a harem. Trouble is, a clutch of baby chicks can end up being 60% male. The neighbors aren't so keen on a DOZEN roosters crowing. One is fine..
If anybody wants a rooster for their hens I'm sure he'd be willing to move.

Anonymous said...

There must be someone who needs a non digital alarm clock.

Bill Stankus said...

Exuuuse me Madam, but I'd like to inquire as to why my mah cousin's picture is on the internet. We Roosters are a sensitive group and I feel you have done us a dis-service. I say Madam, that thar talk about raccoons is down right scary.

F. Leghorn

BF said...

He's a good looking rooster! Our neighbors down the block have one, and we really enjoy hearing his crow - much better than loud cars, sirens, and other city noise. Since he's still happily expressing himself, nobody must mind it very much. We've talked about keeping ours, but I don't know if two roosters on one block would push the neighbors over the edge...!

That's really neat you had a peahen, those birds are so exotic and fun.

(I'm Lisa's sister, btw, made it over here from her blog.)

weeder1 said...

Hey BF! So sorry to hear that Lucky,
um, wasn't so. At least she got to spend a few moments feeling the grass under her "ugly" feet. ;>)I hope the rest of your flock live long productive lives. As for the rooster's crowing..MUCH better to hear than the "I HATE YOU!" shouts that waft over the fence..especially since they are directed at another human and not a bird.