Monday, August 13, 2007

a rather lazy day

I shouldn't forget the name of my Terragon any time soon, nor shall I be tempted to "dump that bucket of dirt" when the plant goes dormant this winter. Labeling the plant was about the only gardening thing I did today and its all Laurie's fault. If you haven't discovered her yet, go here; . She is hilarious and no dummie when it comes to plants. I have spent a good portion of the last two days sitting on my fat fanny, reading her comments and laughing out loud. I can SO identify with some of her "customer issues"! I don't work in a nursery but I do work in retail. Must look her up the next time I'm in the Portland, Oregon area.
This year's tomato crop is pitiably pathetic. Sure the plants were safe from deer and the rats but...sheesh...only three? Guess they didn't like the containers. The cucumber vines are long and full of blossoms but nary a cuke. On the other hand, the melons are growing at an alarming rate and they are sharing the wine vat with the cukes. Go figure. and then, there's Maud. She is SO lazy!
Ok. Let's see if the photos actually show up. There are lines and lines of coded jibberish above this that I type. Will they come to life when I hit publish? Will ALL of them come to life? I'm going back to reading Laurie's archived entries.

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