Thursday, August 31, 2006

Random thoughts

I can not believe that today is the last day of August! It must have flown due to #1. my Dental Adventure, #2. The possibility that I might actually get to move to Corvallis, OR., and #3. My back spasms which have me walking like a troll.

Now I just need my very own digital camera so that current pictures can be posted.

There are two beautiful Bantam (Banty) roosters wanting new homes here. One is red and the other is black and white. I do not mind crowing and thus far, the neighbors have stated that they enjoy hearing the "boys" (there have been roosters crowing here for the past 8 years) but fertile eggs, if not discovered, result in even MORE chickens and MORE roosters and, well, I've had enough. Chickens are the most wonderful garden helpers (if one doesn't have too many of them). There are virtually no snails on this place any more. There is an abundance of fresh fertilizer. There are delicious fresh eggs to eat. I do not want to be henless, just roosterless. Anyhow, these fellows are penned and/or caged now and really, really want to wander around someone else's property. And, they're FREE! Posted by Picasa

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