Tuesday, July 11, 2006


The sweet doggie is Phoebe. She is a "foundling" and/or rescued dog. We think that she contains the genes of a Lab and a Dingo along with a smattering of kangaroo and cutting horse. she is not the Doberman that I was looking for but is, apparantly, the dog that the fates wanted me to have. She does need a Doberman playmate. Did I mention that I LOVE Doberman's? Pages could be written about the wonderful attributes that my last Dobie, Ruby, had. She was very special. She was also a rescue dog..from the Klamath Co. pound in fact. But more about her another time.
THIS is Peabody. Peabody just showed up one morning, honking from a branch high in a Sycamore tree. At that time we didn't know if she was a peaHEN or a young peaCOCK. Last year she laid eggs. We decided that she was a girl. ;>) Since there is no peacock in the neighborhood her eggs are duds. So she is currently incubating 3 fertile banty eggs. Posted by Picasa

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kathleen said...

This is a delightful blog...the peafowl story is hilarious. Thanks for the pleasures, the humor, the stories, Cheryl!

Kathleen in Carmichael